Chorley and South Ribble Governing Body papers - 25 November 2015

Agenda and links to papers

Date: Wednesday 25 November 2015

Time: 13:30

Location: Woodlands Conference Centre, Southport Road, Chorley, PR7 1QR


Agenda (PDF file,167KB)

Item 1: Welcome and apologies for absence (verbal update)

Item 2: Patient story (verbal)

Item 3: Declarations and Register of Interests (PDF file, 375KB)

Item 4: Minutes of Previous Meeting (PDF file, 267KB)

Item 5: Matters Arising (PDF file, 272KB)

Item 6: Chair's update (verbal update)

Item 7: Chief Officer Report (PDF file, 286KB)

Item 8: Two Year Operational Plan Update (PDF file, 1003KB)

Item 9: Strategy and Planning 2016 (PDF file, 209KB)

Item 10: Performance Report (PDF file, 618KB)

Item 11: Financial Performance Report (PDF file, 681KB)

Item 12: EPRR Core Standards Assessment Update (PDF file, 479KB)

Item 13: Clinical Policies - (i) DNAR policy (PDF file, 2MB)

Item 13: Clinical Policies - (iii) Excision of Uterus (PDF file, 188KB)

Item 14: GBAF and CRR (PDF file, 846KB)

Item 15: Procurement of Commissioning Support (PDF file, 164KB)

Item 16: Integrated Workforce Report (PDF file, 910KB)

Item 17: Audit Committee Report (PDF file, 423KB)

Item 18: Quality and Performance Update (PDF file, 301KB)

Item 19: Finance Delivery Group Update (PDF file, 470KB)

Item 20: Patient Voice Committee - Cover Sheet (PDF file, 255KB)

Item 21: Clinical Effectiveness Committee Update (PDF file, 290KB)

Item 22: Delegated Commissioning Committee Update (PDF file, 462KB)

Item 23: Lancashire CCG Network Minutes (PDF file, 275KB)