Governing Body meeting – Wednesday 23 May 2018 - Chorley and South Ribble CCG

Location: The Garden Room, St Catherine's Hopsice, Lostock Lane, Lostock Hall, PR5 5XU

Time: 1.30pm

Meeting papers and order: 

Agenda (pdf 231KB) 

Item 1:  Welcome and apologies for absence (verbal)

Item 2:  Patient story (verbal) 

Item 3:  Declarations and Register of Interests (pdf 460KB)

Item 4:   Minutes of Previous Meeting (pdf 401KB)

Item 5:   Matters Arising (pdf100KB)

Item 6:  Chair's update (verbal) 

Item 7:   Business Plan Objectives 2018-19 Update (pdf 630KB)

Item 8:   Audit Findings Report (pdf 4MB)

Item 9:   Integrated Care Partnership Update (pdf 267KB)

Item 10:  Integrated Board Report (pdf 3MB)

Item 11:  Governing Body Assurance Framework and Corporate Risk Register (pdf 216KB)

Item 12:   Health and Safety Annual Report (pdf 590KB)

Item 13:   Workforce Report (pdf 474KB)

Item 14:  Organisational change update (verbal) 

Item 15:  Annual Committee Terms of Reference (pdf 792KB)

Item 16:  Audit Committee Update and Minutes (pdf 445KB)

Item 17:  Remuneration Committee Update (pdf 196KB)

Item 18:  Joint Quality and Peformance Committee Update (pdf 401KB)

Item 19:  Patient Voice Committee Update and Minutes (pdf 587KB)

Item 20:  Questions from the public (verbal)

Item 21:  Any other business (verbal) 

Download the full pack of meeting papers by clicking here (pdf 8MB)