Chorley and South Ribble October 2018 DCC papers

Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Date: Wednesday 3 October 2018

Location: Boardroom 1, Chorley House, Lancashire Business Park, Centurion Way, Leyland, Lancashire, PR26 6TT.

Agenda (pdf 54KB)

Item 1: Welcome and apologies for absence (verbal)

Item 2:  Declarations of interest.(pdf 118KB)

Item 3:  June draft minutes (pdf 49KB)

Item 4:  Matters arising (verbal)

Item 5: Terms of reference (pdf 152KB) 

Item 6:  Quarterly Contractual Changes Report - Qtr 1 18-19 (pdf 182KB)

Item 7:  Out of Hospital Transformation (pdf 571KB)

Item 8:  Spefication for Edith Rigby Approved Premises (pdf 195KB)

Item 9:  Medicom Relocation (pdf 182KB)

Download the full pack of papers here (pdf 2MB)