27 January 2016 Governing Body papers

Agenda and links to papers

Location: Garden Room - St. Catherine's Hospice, Lostock Lane, Lostock Hall, Preston PR5 5XU

Time: 1.30pm

The agenda and papers can be found below: 


Agenda (pdf 231KB)

Item 01: Welcome and apologies for absence (verbal)

Item 02: Declarations and Register of Interests (pdf 319KB) 

Item 03: Minutes of Previous Meeting (pdf 357KB) 

Item 04: Matters Arising CSR (pdf 104KB) 

Item 05: Chair's update (verbal) 

Item 06: Chief Officer Report (pdf 340KB) 

Item 07: Governing Body Assurance Framework and Corporate Risk Register (pdf 952KB) 

Item 08: Performance Report CSR (pdf 621KB) 

Item 09: Financial Performance Report (pdf 694KB) 

Item 10: GP Quality Contract (pdf 617KB) 

Item 11: Your Hosptals Your Health Joint Committee Proposal (pdf 449KB) 

Item 12: Equality Annual Report 2015 (pdf 3MB) 

Item 13: Safeguarding Annual Report and Safeguarding Policy (pdf 3MB) 

Item 14: Consitution Review Update (pdf 334KB) 

Item 15: Preparedness for a Major Incident - Statement of Readiness CSR (pdf 210KB) 

Item 16: Audit Committee Report (pdf 450KB) 

Item 17: Quality and Performance Update (pdf 548KB) 

Item 18: Joint Finance Delivery Group Update (pdf 366KB) 

Item 19: Patient Voice Committee Update (pdf 589KB) 

Item 20: Clinical Effectiveness Committee Update (pdf 448KB) 

Item 21: Delegated Commissioning Committee Update (pdf 358KB) 

Item 22: Lancashire CCG Network Minutes (pdf 317KB) 

Item 23: YHYH Joint Programme Board Minutes 2 Dec 2015 (pdf 208KB)