Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

The Patient Advisory Group (PAG) is the CCGs’ patient forum that helps us embed patient and public voice in the work we do. Recently, the group have been involved in service design focus groups; they have helped us develop patient and public information and have graded us on our equality and diversity work.

PAG members have knowledge and experience of a wide range of health and health-related services, and are able to provide the CCGs with an informed opinion of how these services can be developed and improved. They are involved in a number of activities such as:

  • Focus groups (e.g. memory assessment service, patient transport service (PTS)
  • Evaluating the CCGs’ equality and diversity practices.
  • Development of a commissioning for quality and innovation (CQUIN) scheme which aims to look at how the patient experiences can be improved.
  • Suggestions on the design and presentation of health information leaflets
  • Offered advice in the development of the Ownership Council, which has now become the Involvement Network.