Upcoming Our Health Our Care Joint Committee

The details of future meetings dates will be published when available. 





Please be aware that these meetings are business meetings, and are held in a public forum so that anyone can observe the issues, discussions and decisions - they are not consultative meetings.

You are welcome to make notes during the meeting, however, photography, filming or audio recording is not permitted. 

Questions about the agenda items can be submitted in writing to csrccg.corporateservices@nhs.net and responses will be provided in writing no later than 5 working days after the meeting has taken place. 

Governance of the meetings

OHOC Joint Committee members will have been provided with copies of the agenda and papers at the same time they are published on the CCG’s website, and will therefore have had the opportunity to consider the papers prior to the meeting.

The OHOC Joint Committee will consider the items on the agenda in turn and each paper includes an executive summary (cover sheet), which makes recommendations for the meeting to consider. For some items there may be a presentation, whereas for others this may not be necessary.

The members may not actively discuss each item in detail; this does not mean that the item has not received careful consideration but means that the members have no further questions on the matter and do not wish to challenge the recommendation(s).

A formal vote will not be taken if there is a general consensus on a suggested course of action. As the meetings are not public meetings, but meetings held in public, members of the public can observe the business of the meeting but cannot take part in the debate.

Exceptionally, there may be items of a confidential nature on the agenda of a meeting. If this is the case, the Chair may determine to exclude members of the public from discussions on such agenda items.